Arcot 2024 - Merchant 3D Secure Initiative - an offer to US, UK and Global Merchants

    Protect Digital Payments

    The Arcot Network is a payment authentication network powered by 3-D Secure (3DS).

    The network is used by card issuers, merchants, and payment processors to authenticate the identity of a shopper during an e-commerce payment. Users of the network enjoy lower fraud, higher approval rates, and regulatory compliance.

    Benefits of Arcot Network


    Fully compliant EMV 3DS solutions including EMV 3DS Access Control Server (ACS) and EMV 3DS Server, providing issuers and merchants with compliance with government and card scheme regulations.

    Lower Digital
    Payment Fraud

    Fully integrated fraud detection and prevention platform including our Arcot Network Fraud Score and Rules Engine, empowering merchants and issuers to reduce fraud losses. 

    Higher Approval Rates

    Flexible integrations for strong customer authentication (SCA), a configurable rules engine, and real-time data sharing between merchants and issuers, driving higher payment approval rates.

    Arcot Network

    The Arcot Network analyzes billions of transactions each year across multiple vectors simultaneously - these include card, device, merchant, and timestamp profiles.

    The statistics below were recorded from the Arcot Network yesterday and are being played back in real-time; delayed by one day. Each statistic ticks higher showing the cumulative counts until the end of the day.

    Regional Metrics

    The metrics below outline the authentication performance for the selected region of the world.

    Payment Journeys

    The Arcot Network gives merchants and issuers more data to assess the risk of each journey in real-time.

    The graph below outlines two key attributes of cross-border payments which typically represent the highest-risk category of payment transactions.

    For a selected issuer country, the graph below shows on the left the region of the device initiating the payment and on the right the region of the merchant requesting the payment authentication.

    Why Arcot?

    Arcot Network and Data Science

    The scale of our consortium and the performance of our fraud score and our ongoing investment in data science allow us to stop more fraud.

    Platform Flexibility and Control

    Flexible configuration and customization options and superior technology and performance enable our platform to deliver better results.

    Customer Focus

    Assigned resources from a global team of compliance, fraud, and industry experts drive maximum ROI for each customer.

    229 countries
    Transactions from 229 countries processed through the Arcot Network
    600 M+ devices
    Over 600 million device signatures active in the Arcot data consortium
    5000 + issuers
    Over 5,000 financial institutions across every region of the world use Arcot

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